Fire protection : development and design of firefighting matériel in Aisne (02) region, France


Development / design of fire fighint systems

Development and design are 2 key phases of fire fighing systems and materials.


Our designers can work on any those 2 stages or handle the whole project, then our workshop can manufacture the designed equipment, sell it and ensure after sales service



We develop Firefighting concepts dedicated to client’s specific needs and legal constrains.


As an example, in an area with explosive gazes, materials and also fire pumps must be explosion proof in order to avoid making a risk. We do make custom concepts and products at a competitive price for this requirement.

Development of fire fighting materials and fire pumps
Fire Pumps, monitors towers, spray nozzles design in France



The design stage consists in making a concept real. The objective is to prepare the manufacturing stage of fire fighting and fire portection materials, fire pumps and systems :


If you have a concept, we can make it real :


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