Engineering, consulting

Do you want to know how to treat your fire hazards ? Do you want to know if your fire fighting strategy is accurate and match standards and legal duties ?


Our Engineering specialist, with a very very large experience of similar projects can do it.

Engineering, consulting for fire fighting
Support made by experts in fire fighting matertials in France

Accurate analysis of your fire protection needs or requirements


Our work is based on drawings and / or local surveys on site.


We do inlcude in our anaylsis local regulations, local ways and uses both with experience and carefull surveys.


Our engineering services and consulting can be made for 2 types of clients.


  • End user : We do supply service for fire fighting strategy and general design on order to allow the company to ask for installation prices. We do not detailed Engineering which is the job of others, some are our clients.
  • Systems installation companies : Fire fighting installation companies are obliged to achieve a result. We do supply design control, design debugging of firefighting concept made in house or by external Engineering companies. This adds a major security to the installation companies.


In order to use our Engineering services, consulting or assistance in fire protection :


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